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Posted on: July 8, 2018

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I'm going to take notes here as I do this work.

  • Finding the OPML source for the stories
    • In doing the restoration of threads2 yesterday I got distracted, because the stories were in a special place not in, which is a bucket on Amazon S3.
    • I used a special dynamic server then. Now I want to archive them like all the other posts. Some features are not preserved, such as comments and paragraph-level permalinks. However it is an improvement over what was here previously, i.e. nothing.
    • First, I wanted to see if I could find the OPML for each of the stories. That took a bit of detective work, because they were in a worldoutline structure, but they were safe, in another S3 bucket, Long story how they came to be there. But I had left a crumb trail, deliberately, so that if someone wanted to find the source, not only would it likely still be there, but it would be relatively easy to find.
    • Next step is to generate pages for each of the stories in preparation for putting them in a logical place, as HTML and OPML, in the bucket.
  • Working on a template and build script
    • I have one working locally, now have to set it up so it iterates over all the stories. Taking a break for a bit. Back soon.
  • Should finish tomorrow
    • It was too nice a day in NYC to spend the day indoors. I did do a bit more work, and here's the outline for what I have left to do, tomorrow.
    • At about 8PM I have all the pages building and have a script that uploads them. Tomorrow I want to generate the redirects from the old threads website, and do some testing. I'll also release the OPML source code through the Scripting-News repository. This post will be linked to from every page that was part of the restoration.

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