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Posted on: May 5, 2018

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I listened to Jay Rosen on this very brief podcast. At the end they ask what should a conscientious journalist do re Trump. I happen to have an answer. And of course, me being me, it's pretty radical.

  • Journalism has to be with the people. Ask yourself what would the people do, and do that.
  • As journalism is with the government, it forces a route-around. Journalism will have to reboot, in the cause of the people. Without you.
  • As politics attacks journalism, it's journalism's job to balance it. The more radical the government, the more radical the journalism.
  • Journalism is already taking the hit, Trump says you all are the enemy of the people and 1/3 of them agree. I am one of them, btw. By trying to collaborate with a government that is so anti-the-people, you have become our enemy.
  • It's like everything in the rise of Trump, we tend to wake up to what we could have done when it's too late. This happens over and over. When we finally react in a timely fashion it will seem radical. It will be radical, and it will have a chance of working.
  • Stop interviewing elites. They're as bad as journalists at wanting to pretend everything is okay. You all climbed the ladder. Say the ladder is gone, and they'll argue with you. "You're being too dramatic," but no in fact it's not too dramatic. Ladders are gone. The elites went to the ovens along with the Jews and the gypsies.
  • Journalism wants to go back to the world we were in before Trump. Wishing for it won't make it so. Be stark and direct. We're losing. Say that. Forget about what Trump thinks. He's fucking us.
  • And btw, Michelle Wolf was just what the doctor ordered. Get her a regular spot. Replace one of the wimps on MSNBC. Which one? Any of them.

PS: You all are eventually going to be glad we kept working on news software for the people. (Also known as blogging.)

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